7 Inspiring Patriotic Nail Designs

Simple Patriotic Nail Designs

With the evolving media to express our patriotism with the patriotic nail designs getaway theme is a trending idea to have right now. We used to be at the moment where wearing some tattoo on our back or wearing a T-Shirt to show our high expression for our nation is an old-fashion idea now. A Stenciled Star Nail Art is a creative way to express our loyalty to the red-white and the dark blue of U.S.A based priceless iconic flag. The transformation could result different if we put different layer order. In the general, we need to begin with the white foundation color then using a tape and a makeup sponge to finish the stunning effect.

This next design is the most favorite theme and motive to major women, and it is because of that the uniqueness and color combination is the perfect blend. To capture the design, we need to be very detail on applying each nail polish colors. Nail polish colors that we need such as red and blue glitter polish, white color based coat, and an art pen for drawing the tiny shape yet sparkling look. The product that suitable best for this shape would be from the Shimmer Nicole brand.

Patriotism has always been so inspiring, and that is why it is always a positive thing to show patriotic nail designs in our grooming. The inspiring shape would be by drawing a map with the blue, white and red colors combination. It is only a small map that locates at the edges side of our outward nails. If we have our People Style Watch magazine, then we could find more details.

Showing Off With Retro Patriotic Nail Designs

With many memorable moments in our life in the past time, we sometimes want to remind it again and get the retro patriotic nail designs and showing off to people. The retro patriotic nail art is a cute and amazing way to rock out our country colors. Drawing a bows and polka dots is the only main shape that we need to put on our nails. We might want to try some products from Revlon, Konad Special Polish in White, and this is all about the remarkable polish to draw the bow outlines for the retro shape. The last but not least colors and brand selection would be the Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear, which is in Cherry Red.

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