Clear Matte Nail Polish Tips

Clear Matte Nail Polish

Clear matte nail polish will be easily got by you, ladies. If you think, matte nail polish with a high quality is too expensive; you could try to make it by yourself then. Do not think that it will be hard and taking a long time. You are totally wrong if you do not try it first. Ok, here you will get some tips to get matte nail polish with clear result. So, read whole of this article and get the benefits.

Matte nail polish with clear result can be made from your ordinary nail polish and some addition ingredients. First, take your desired color nail polish; whatever the color that you choose is not really matter. Then, prepare baby powder or flour. Then, put it on a small bowl. Do not put it too much, just based on your needs. Clear matte nail polish will be got if the powder is not too much. Then, put your desired nail polish into the bowl too; and then, mix it well. Then, take matte nail polish from the bowl with clean nail polish brush. Last, apply the nail polish on your nails.

After you apply all of the nail polish on your nails, you should put the top coat on the nails. The top coat will make your matte nail polish clear and smooth. It will look so beautiful and natural. You should buy a nail polish top coat that is made especially for matte nail polish. So, your matte nail polish not only looks clear, but also healthy and long-lasting. So, do you already have the top coat for your matte nail polish? You should consider the ingredients of your top coat too. Ok, those are all the tips of making a clear matte nail polish. Hope you will be successful.

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