DIY Matte Nail Polish in Simple Steps

Diy Matte Nail Polish

DIY matte nail polish will make your nail polish still useful. You do not have to buy a new nail polish with matte look. Although matte is popular for nail polish nowadays, you could not just throw away your nail polish. You only need to find some ways to make your nail polish to be matte on your nail; and then, follow the trend. What color of nail polish do you have? Whatever the color is you could make it matte and wonderful. Let check the steps below.

Do you have baby powder? Or do you have flour such as rice flour? They could help you to have matte nail polish, girls. So, now, you might read the first step of DIY matte nail polish. First, you should get one of the materials above; baby powder, flour or rice flour. Then, take your nail polish based on your desired color. If you already get all the materials, you should get a small bowl. After that, put some of the baby powder in a bowl, if you will baby powder. Afterward, put some of your desired nail polish in the same bowl. Stir it well with a clean brush.

That is all the process of making the matte nail polish. Now is the time for decorate your nails. Take the nail polish with the nail brush. Then, decorate your nails with the nail polish. Make it full on your nails. Wait the nail polish on your nails to be dry. Thus, your great and beautiful matte nail polish is done. Do you like it? It will be so beautiful on your nails. Now, you could follow the most popular nail fashion. Girls and ladies, it is very simple and easy, right? Ok, well done the DIY matte nail polish for you.

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