Matte Nail Polish Style

Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish becomes popular in these following days. It’s out of date to wear a shiny nail polish according to newest style. Even shiny nail polish gives an attractive look with glossy shine, but in this time dark and shady look becomes hits and trendy. Nail polish with matte finish give a natural look, without any imitate shiny nail. Although it looks gloomier and darker, matte nail can be modified as well as common nail polish. It is also available in some varieties of colors, such as black, green, pink, brown, navy blue, and so on. Those colors may embellish your fingers.

Before deciding to choose this matte nail polish, you should consider some things. This matte polish has some differences with shiny nail polish. It isn’t long wearing nail polish. Its application takes a lot of time. Matte polish is hard dried polish; you have to wait for minutes to finish your nails entire layer. You have to paint it thinly for each layer, the thicker you paint your nail, the longer it will take your time. There are also several preventions that you have to know to keep it stands properly. Matte formulations are sensitive from any damage. You have to avoid it from any touch with cuticle creams and lotions.

This normal matte nail product has higher price than normal nail polish. This may become one of problems for who loves this matte polish style. The brands which run in this matte polish are Orly, NYX, Zoya, and also OPI. Those brands try to develop matte polish collection. Do not worry, for you who need more friendly cost matte polish, you may apply a matte top coat. Matte top coat costs in lower price. You can apply this matte top coat on the top of your regular nail polish. You may get matte nail polish look with lower cost through this way.

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