Opi Matte Nail Polish Products

Opi Matte Nail Polish

Opi Matte nail polish is one of Opi’s products. As well as the trend of matte nail polish, Opi as one of popular nail polish company try to develop matte nail polish product. This nail polish company becomes one of several brands which try to develop this matte nail polish product. There are also other brands which run in a same market such as Zoya, Essie, NYX, and Orly. Matte nail polish trend wished off the shiny nail polish trend. This style gives a new view about nail polish trend. However, Opi’s product has its own advantages toward the other brand.

This opi matte polish product won’t need a base coat to apply on your nail. It is because Opi’s different formulations. Opi has two different products, a regular matte nail polish and also matte top coat. Matte top coat costs lower than regular matte nail polish, and it can be used to give matte look in ordinary nail polish. So it offers more cost friendly for you who have limited budget. However using regular Opi matte nail polish also won’t cost high because it doesn’t need base coat, it may reduce your Opi nail polish application. Besides thus advantages Opi also has various color options.

Here are some colors that offered by Opi. Lincoln Park after dark Matte its color is nearly same with black plum, this color option appears different color below the sunlight it can be looked as undertone purple. Russian Navy Matte just looks as blue and black in mix. La Pazitively Hot Matte, it is deeper pink hue looks calm and sexy at once. Gargantuan Green grape Matte, it isn’t dark at all. Its soft green color of matte gives you natural look. And the last is alpine snow matte; this creamy white will suit your nail better. Those are some Opi matte nail polish color options that you may choose as your nail polish color.

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