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Shellac nail polish colors are available in various choices. As well as Shellac is one of popular nail polish brand, Shellac offers many color options. Besides, Shellac has many advantages for its color capability to stand out for about 14 days or two weeks and maybe more. Shellac itself has been created by CND or Creative Nail Design since 2010. This kind of nail polish is a new generation of gel manicure. Shellac mixes nail polish with gel manicure which will produce high shiny finish polish and also cure in UV lighting. It is a hybrid nail polish. It is why this nail polish product can be lasted up to two weeks.

This feature makes Shellac nail polish colors can be enjoy in a long term. At the first launching, Shellac offered 12 color options. These strawberry smoothie, negligee, tutti frutti, hot chilis, red baroness, wildfire, cream puff, romantique, fedora, rose bud, iced cappuccino, and tropix were easily influenced woman to buy this nail polish product. Those colors options were something new, Shellac easily grabbed women’s heart at that time. The Shellac colors collections is developing over the time. Shellac always tries to launch a new color variation for nail polish.

Till this time Shellac nail polish from CND have launched more than 75 color variations. Every color has been put in a one collection package. There are about 9 Shellac nail polish collections, they are Shellac sweet dream collection which consist of day nail color, intimates collection which consist of soft color variations, splash collection which will suit summer time, open road collection, paradise collection, garden muse collection, folklore collection, flora and fauna collection which consist of natural color tone, and contradiction collection shades which offer elegance. Those varieties of color choices will suit every woman taste. That’s way Shellac nail polish colors collection is always waited on.

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