Shellac Nail Polish to Give Your Nails Beauty in Long Time

Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac nail polish is a popular brand of nail polish in United States. This brand is the most wanted nail polish which is the women’s favorite. What makes this brand different from the other is about the quality. If you apply gel nail polish from Shellac, then it will last longer than the other brands. It can stay good until one month since you coat the nail polish to your nails. This may be what women want as they mostly find that their nail polish get any damage. By this brand, you can stay with one color until one month fully.

Nail polish by Shellac comes in 80 variations of colors so that you will have so many options to apply the nail coat to your nails. Also, Shellac releases nail polish starter kit so that those who want to have a nail treatment at home will be easier by using the nail polish kit. On the other hand, if you want to apply Shellac nail polish by yourself, there are some things that you should know before you apply. You know that your nails need to be healthy before you apply it. If any, you should have a treatment first until your nails well again.

The length of time in this nail polish will affect to the condition of your nails. When they are not good, then it will reduce the durable application. In addition, when you are applying the nail polish by yourself, you should have the nail polish kit in the same brand which means all by Shellac. You need to dry your nails after the application under the UV lights from the box by Shellac. It is because it will strengthen the coat so that it will last in long time. As a result, Shellac nail polish has different quality from the other brands.

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