UV Gel Nail Polish in Time

UV Gel Nail Polish

UV gel nail polish is getting famous among women. They start to replace traditional way to polish their nail with a new method. Previously, the only way to decorate nails is using ordinary nail polisher. Nowadays, it has changed into a gel nail polish. Since it is a new invention to make creation on nails, it has some benefits for women to gain beauty and attractiveness. One of the greatest benefit is that the nail polish last longer than traditional polish. Usually traditional polish only lasts 7 days – 10 days. However, gel nail polish lasts more than 10 days. It is even possible to find it perfect after 14 days if the hand is not used too excessively.

If you are fan of nail polishing, you should not be confused about this term. However, for those who just come into this article, you really need to know about another magic within gel nail polish. As it is a gel, it basically has denser compound. Unlike water or comparable to traditional polish, gel will dry quicker especially under UV light. The source of UV light varies, and it is usually from LED light. UV gel nail polish actually needs very careful execution and plan. It is due the risk of cancer and damaged nail surface.

Talking about the risk, you should not be worried. It is because the case of people affected by cancer is very rare. It is due to very low UV exposure when drying the nail. The chance only increases if the person is suffering from cancer beforehand. For the beauty matter, you actually can dry out the nail within 30 seconds or so. However, the result may vary depending on the light used. It is important to make sure that the UV gel nail polish has similar manufacturer to the light manufacturer.

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